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Jack Russell Terrier

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The following breeders listing contains :

Jack Russell Breeders who are located in the United Kingdom.
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for this region.

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Stud Dog
Contact : A.Mckenzie
Location : Carlisle, Cumbria
Ph : 07745 114434
Email :
Web :

Cumbreck Jack Russell Terriers have been a family strain since 1806 & a established pedigree line since 1950 with pure breeding. Our dogs are the only true english line you will find registered in England with a recognised Kennel Club via the Irish Kennel Club/FCI as a 'Jack Russell Terrier' AKA a 'Russell Terrier' in USA, they are NOT a Parson Russell.

Our aim is to breed correct terriers with correct temprements capable of family life & able to withstand all that is required of them. We have all 3 breed standard coat types & colours.
Black/whites and Tri colours are our speicality though as we love these colours.

Our dogs have excellent temprements and health. All dogs are registered with the Irish Kennel Club and all adults are eye tested prior to breeding.
*********Export available worldwide to approved homes only********

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